English Cream and American Golden Retrievers
White Goldens CA
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Our retrievers get plenty of exercise and play on our rural secluded property. We have large facilities such as large runs and pens to contain our lovable dogs when they are not in the house with us. They are a happy, healthy bunch of Golden Retrievers and we love them all very much, as they are all considered members of our family. Here you will meet them through pictures and descriptions. Hopefully soon you will come meet them in person.
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Welcome to Alpine White Golden Retrievers!

We are Leah and Mike Patrick, a small, family-oriented breeder. We specialize in European type English cream Golden Retriever puppies, bred from our imported show champions from Russia and the famous show Rus Pekos Kennel. Through the help and friendship of Elena, we have added these new lines for excellence, with health, grace, beauty, intelligence, and excellent calm nature that we've come to know and love in the breed.

We are located in the small quaint town of Red Bluff in beautiful Northern California. We have dedicated ourselves to produce outstanding quality Golden Retrievers, huge boned, blocky heads, with all the show looks. All of our breeding dogs are OFA hip, heart, and CERF eye certified.
Our first golden, Boomer, is why we fell in love with the breed, his gentle sweet nature and happy-go-lucky attitude. He loves everybody and is excellent around children, he has a comical way about him that just swung us into the breed. We have found much pleasure in owning goldens and having them own us. Bred for a specific purpose in the beginning to become a hunting dog and retriever of fowl, and originally bred in England for their sound temperment, which is such an important facet to the breed. Because of this, Golden Retrievers are now used as seeing eye dogs, in therapy work, in hunting and retrieving fowl, and of course as wonderful loving pets that the whole family loves.
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We use Life's Abundance food for all our breeding dogs and pups. To learn more or to purchase Life's Abundance click here
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